Shoot your way through randomly generated worlds, ascend the Altars of Worship, exchange your Souls for Blessings and attain Godhood yourself.


Developer: Krafted Games
Publisher: Krafted Games
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Coming Soon 2018


POLYGOD is a rogue-like, random-generated, global multiplayer first-person-shooter. You are Faceless the Blessed, a rogue assassin, the last of your kind in the known universe, and on the verge of extinction.To ensure your survival you must battle the minions of malignant Gods and their Holy Champions in an epic event, The Trial of the Gods. Each randomly generated level features successive Altars of Worship where you exchange your Souls for Blessings.

POLYGOD creates its own addictive logic through its unique design, gameplay, adversity and mysteriousness. It is a quest for discovery, honor, spirituality and ultimately the attainment of Godhood.


Randomly Generated Levels

In the PolyGod universe, death is necessarily permanent but with each new game comes a unique first-time experience.

Buy Blessings

Exchange souls collected for various power ups at Altars of Worship.

Steal Souls

Destroy minions of the Gods and collect their souls to buy blessings at Altars of Worship.

Ascend to Godhood

Destroy minions and holy champions to ascend to godhood.

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