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BoI Promotion Details [Important]

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Tl;dr: We are ending both our launch sale (10% off) and the Binding of Isaac promotion on Oct 20. If you want to participate in BoI promotion, view details at the bottom of this post.

Hello Everyone,

We have been incredibly surprised at how much exposure we’ve received for our Binding of Isaac launch promotion. We are so happy to be able to share our game with you and we’ve already gotten a lot of excellent feedback. We are getting close to the end of our launch sale (10% off) and we have come to the decision that this will be a good time to end our Binding of Isaac promotion as well.

We originally planned on running this promotion during our time in early access. However, we didn’t expect the promotion to spread nearly as much as it did (once again, we were pleasantly surprised). The reason why we’ve come to this decision is because the current process is manual (and it has to be to avoid key fraud) and our team is very small. We want to be able to make POLYGOD as good as it can be and like I stated above, we’ve already started getting some excellent feedback.

Shortly after launching the launch promotion, we noticed a lot of people saying that our friends list was full (we sincerely apologize for this oversight) and we started working on a solution, without automating this process. We believe we have come up with a good solution. We have made a Google spreadsheet that you can access and add your information to it. Just add your Steam username, link, achievement details and a quick email for us to reach you faster. If you do submit your details to our spreadsheet, we guarantee that we will eventually get to your details. A link to the mentioned spreadsheet can be found at the bottom at this post.

We also want to point out that we are aware of programs that allow players to unlock achievements all at once. We sincerely ask that you don’t do this. In doing this, you’re lying to us and are taking advantage of us. For the people that don’t care about that, we have identified ways to filter achievement cheaters from legit players and will give out keys to players that we believe are legit.

With all the above being said, we want to thank everyone that has taken advantage of this promotion and we’ve loved the feedback (keep it comin!). In total, we’ve given out more than 1,750 keys during this promotion and are happy to have done it. We are going to get back to work and make POLYGOD as good as we can. Stay tuned to our Steam page for all the latest updates. For anyone that hasn’t reached out to us regarding this promotion and want to do so, I’ve included full promotion details below:

The Binding of Isaac Promotion

End Date: October 20 12:00 pm EST

Submission Spreadsheet:


POLYGOD is Coming to Steam on OCT 13 With Launch Promotion!

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UPDATE 10/19/16: Both the launch discount (10%) and The Binding of Isaac promotion will be ending tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST. Get all the details here:


UPDATE 10/14/16: We apologize for the confusion. We are accepting achievements from both the original Binding of Isaac game AND Rebirth. We are accepting the following achievements:

  • Sticky Nickels
  • Keeper now holds… A Penny!
  • Keeper holds Store Key
  • Noose Baby
  • Karma
  • Sale Baby
  • Mega
  • 1001%


Hello Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that our game, POLYGOD will be coming to Steam on October 13th.

POLYGOD is a rogue-like, random-generated, global multi-player first-person-shooter.You are Faceless the Blessed, a rogue assassin, the last of your kind in the known universe, and on the verge of extinction.To ensure your survival you must battle the minions of malignant Gods and their Holy Champions in an epic event, The Trial of the Gods. Each randomly generated level features successive Altars of Worship where you exchange your Souls for Blessings.

You can checkout the POLYGOD Steam page here:

With that being said, we also have an exciting announcement regarding a unique promotion we will be running!

We love The Binding of Isaac. In fact, it’s a game that has had influence on our game, POLYGOD. With that being said, we want to reward other die-hard fans of The Binding of Isaac with a free copy of our game! To qualify, you have to unlock at least one of the following achievements:

  • Hard Game
  • Eternal Satan
  • Eternal Cain
  • Eternal Isaac
  • Eternal ???
  • Eternal Maggy
  • Eternal Eve
  • Eternal Samson
  • Eternal Judas
  • Eternal God
  • Eternal Personalities

If you have unlocked any of the above achievements, simply send a message to our Steam account: Atomicdomb from the Steam account that has unlocked the achievement and we will send you 1 free key to our game.